Would you like to make a change?  


Perhaps you'd like to sleep better and worry less?


Maybe you'd like more confidence  or to get rid of a habit?  


Sometimes we just need a little extra support while we navigate life's bumps.


As a  Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I offer a friendly and professional service to clients who are committed to change; whether its overcoming anxiety related problems, dealing with the yips, getting rid of a habit or phobia you'd rather do without or support while undergoing chemotherapy.


Research has shown that while the basis of our problems may be complicated; the solutions can be relatively straight forward.  By focusing on constructive changes we would like to make today and in the near future; we can start taking steps towards a happier and healthier life.


Hypnosis is used to encourage change.  When we are in a relaxed state we are much more receptive to new ideas; alternative reactions to life’s stressors can be considered and old patterns of behaviour can be altered.  Clients often say how relaxing and pleasurable hypnosis is. Nothing is required of you and you are in control at all times.


Listed below are just a few of the areas that I work in so please call if you would like to discuss anything.



Sleep problems . IBS . Stress . Anxiety . Low Moods . Phobias

Sports Performance . Habits . Confidence . Exam Nerves

Pain Management . Weight . Habits . ANV



Intial consultations are about an hour long.  During this time we discuss your issue and look at the different ways therapy can help. We examine the ways in which problems are created and the tools you can use to help diffuse them.  


Gaining an understanding of how the brain works is a powerful first step in taking back control of your life and feeling yourself once again.


I offer a mobile service in the Fairford/Lechlade area and the Northleach/Bourton area.


I also run a clinic from home, 3 miles outside Cirencester


If you have any questions about hypnotherapy  or would like to to arrange an appointment;

please call on 077 492 18599 or Email [email protected] .


I was completely skeptical about hypnotherapy but decided to try after suffering from the misery of IBS for a number of years.


I have been free from symptoms for a couple of months now and have even used hypnotherapy to give up smoking.


A Didcot

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When I let go of who I am,

I become what I might be.


Lao Tzu