Working With Children


Solution Focused work supports children as they find and develop their own solutions to problems.  As with adults, it directs its full gaze at the solutions and not the problem. It highlights the strengths and the abilities of the child, helping them to see how these strengths can be carried over into other areas of their lives.  It also makes them stop and take notice of the good things that might be happening right under their noses.


As the ability to create constructive solutions develops, children can feel more in control and better able to cope with life's ups and downs.  This in turn can lead to a reduction in anxiety and an increase in confidence.


Elevated anxiety in children (and adults too!) can lead to a number of problems such as, anger, bed wetting, nervous tummy aches, headaches, poor concentration, flare ups in eczema and panic attacks to name just a few.


Treatment sessions with young children are structured to the ability of each child.  It is very relaxed and interactive and children, usually, thoroughly enjoy it.  The hypnosis part of the session is variable in length (depending on squirminess) and is based on positive visualisation.


With young children, it is better for the parent or guardian to come to the initial consultation without the child.  This means that any problems can be discussed fully, away from young ears.  The child will then have their own initial consultation.  


Parents can, of course, be present in treatment sessions with little ones, if that is what their child would like but please note that questions and explanations will be aimed at the child.  


Every session focuses on positives and building on these, so any concerns can be discussed later on the phone.