Please feel free to telephone, text or email if you have any questions on  077 492 18599 or

[email protected]  


Initial Consultations are a good way to find out more.  There is no pressure to proceed into treatment.


Home Visits


Fairford and Lechlade      Northleach and Bourton


I have recently made the decision to do more out of clinic work as I feel that it greatly benefits my clients who, for a number of reasons may struggle to leave their homes.


Each treatment session runs in exactly the same way as a session in clinic.


Please ensure that you have somewhere quiet, with a comfy chair or sofa to lie on.


I would also recommend that you turn off your phone or put it onto vibrate during the session.


I do hold an enhanced DBS.





Near Cirencester


For clients who prefer the privacy of a different location; I work from home on a farm 3 miles from Cirencester.  My clinic room is quiet, private, relaxed and comfortable.


Please note that this is a family home and there will, inevitably, be the paraphenalia of family life outside the clinic room.


From Cirencester take the A429 towards Stow.  The drive is 2.2 miles on the left of the Stow Road and is marked by orange and white bollards.


Parking is available at the end of the farm house.  There is a path is at the back of the farm house.  The door has a letter slot and catflap.

A few interesting articles on my Facebook page for anyone who  would like to find out more about the impact of stress on our lives..

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