What Can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Help With?


Listed below are a few of the things it can help with;




Sleep problems

Specific phobias (fear of spiders etc.)


Chronic Pain

Bed wetting (Children)


Weight management

Relationship problems


These are often problems which are caused or exacerbated by elevated stress and anxiety levels.


What is Hypnosis Like?


Hypnosis in Solution Focused Therapy is, generally, a deeply relaxing experience.  You are in a safe, comfortable and calm environment, able to move in your chair if you want to.  You are not required to speak or do anything at all.  It is like having a story read to you while you let your mind wander.


Trance happens to us all naturally.  We all go in and out of trance many times during the day, when we lose the afternoon in a good book or become so focused on something, we effectively block out the world. It is a concentrated state of focus, when the conscious and unconscious come together  to examine the same thing.  In clinic this would be the constructive solutions and goals you wish to achieve.
























So I Just Sit Back and Get Better?


Like all forms of therapy, you will need to work with your therapist to get the very best out of each session and the week inbetween.  I can help guide you but the solutions and goals must be your own.   Only you can really know what you need. If you are committed to change Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be fast and effective.



Can You Make Me Run Around Like A Chicken?


Stage hypnosis can be very powerful but can not make people do things they really don't want to  do.  This is why volunteers are chosen very carefully.  At  stage shows there are always eager victims who already have a fair idea of what is expected of them.


In clinic you are in a relaxed and safe environment and in complete control at all times.  Every part of your therapy is about reducing anxiety and building confidence, this includes hypnosis.  I am highly trained and adhere to a strict code of ethics.  As a therapist the welfare of my clients is paramount and I would never jeopardise the trust that a client places in me.










Can I Be Hypnotised?


Picture for a moment a lemon.  Imagine yourself holding it.  Feel the cool yellow skin, shiny and slightly pitted against your fingers.  Inhale the fresh, clean, citrus scent.


Now imagine placing it on a cutting board and picking up a small sharp knife. Holding the lemon steady, picture the knife slicing through the lemon.  Feel the knife make contact with the board below it; the lemon falling open in two cleanly cut parts.   Watch a small droplet of juice run down the blade.


Now magine yourself lifting half the lemon to your mouth and touching it to your tongue.


What happened?


If you felt your mouth start to produce extra saliva in response to the lemon you are able to respond to suggestions.


There are different levels of trance but for therapeutic purposes only a light one is required.  It is often described as being on the cusp of wakefulness; that moment in the morning when you are almost awake but know you don’t have to open your eyes for another ten minutes.  You are in control at all times.

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