Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines elements of  CBT, NLP, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy, creating a fast and effective solution to problems associated with elevated anxiety and stress level, habits and phobias.


By focusing on the present and moving towards positive and constructive goals, we can gain control of our thought patterns and behaviour, making major changes to our lives.


Hypnosis is used as an effective way to help reduce anxiety, allowing positive solutions room to grow, while you relax and let go of stress.   During hypnosis the conscious and unconscious come together to focus on the same goals, helping to minimise the dichotomy that sometimes exists within our minds.  While you are relaxing I guide your imagination through relaxing scene and offer your subconscious mind alternative ways of dealing with life's stresses.  This is a powerful tool when dealing with unhelpful habits and old patterns or behaviour and is a wonderful way to build self confidence.


What To Expect During A Session


The first part of each treatment session is used to examine the things that are going well in your life;  the strengths you have utilised and the goals you want to achieve; examining how the future will look if you make changes.  What will be different?


The second part of each session is normally hypnosis.  You just have to sit back in a comfortable chair

and relax while I guide your imagination into deep relaxation.  During this time you are not expected to do anything at all;  it is a time to relax and let your mind wander.  You are in control at all times and can move in your chair if you need to. I do not use physical contact during hypnosis.



At your initial consultation we can discuss your situation and whether Solution Focused Hypnotherapy would be of benefit to you. During this session we will also discuss how the brain works in reIation to life's problems; why we react in the way that we do and what we can do about it.  This is also a good time to allay any worries you may have about hypnosis and to ask questions.


You will be given a relaxation CD to listen to at night so that you can start the process of reducing your stress and anxiety levels before the first treatment session.  An MP3 link can be sent to you if you do not have a CD player.


If you would like to arrange a consultation  call 077 492 18599 or

email [email protected]


Home visits available around Cirencester and Fairford.  Clinic appointments available in Fairford and outside Cirencester.  Commuter friendly appointments can be arranged.



Karina has been helping me with a chronic illness, she has helped me immensely.  Not only that , her sunny personality would help anyone.


Karina is very dedicated to her job and to the person she is looking after.  I look forward to her visits, I feel better when she enters the room.


Mrs Pauline Humphreys

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