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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common condition.  It is thought that it effects between 10-20% of the population at some point (numbers may be higher since people do not always seek medical help).   It is a condition which is most commonly seen in woman and is unpleasant and painful.


IBS is generally associated with -


Abdominal pain (sometimes severe).


Bloating and swelling of the abdomen.


Excessive wind.


Change in bowel habit.






A sense of urgency about getting to a toilet.


Feeling as if you have not fully emptied you bowel.


NB. Having blood in your stool is NOT a symptoms of IBS


Sufferers may experience a different number or combination of symptoms; depending on which part of their digestive system is affected.  


Some people have mild symptoms occasionally while others have unpleasant symptoms for long periods.  There are often flare ups during times of anxiety or stress.   As well as the background stresses of life, IBS can cause additional anxiety; needing to know where the closest toilet is; embarrassment; uncertainty about when the next flare up will be.  This anxiety can then lead to low self- confidence.


IBS is diagnosed by ruling out other disorders.  It is a functional disorder; so there is no abnormality in the bowel; it is just not working as well as it should


Clinical studies have shown that hypnotherapy is effective help in managing the symptoms of IBS; reducing levels of stress and anxiety which can often lead to flare ups.


Hypnotherapy is also a lovely way to rebuild your self-confidence.


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