Insomnia and Disrupted Sleep Patterns


We have all suffered from insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns at some point in our lives, struggling to fall asleep, waking at 4 in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep again; no matter how many times we readjust the pillows or shuffle the blankets around.  Some of us can go the other way and find themselves sleeping for long stretches but instead of feeling refreshed; wake up feeling exhausted.


Sleep Problems and Stress


Most of us are aware that sleep problems are exacerbated by the stress and anxiety in our lives.  When our anxiety levels are high we can find ourselves dwelling on worries and problems; spinning them in circles, rather than slipping peacefully into sleep; our minds unable to switch off as we dwell on possible problems and obstacles of the future. We can even keep ourselves awake by worrying about being tired in the morning if we don’t fall asleep or by trying (really hard) to get to sleep.


Why We Need Sleep.


We just have to consider early man to see how much we need sleep; in those distant days there would have been danger all around and yet we have still evolved to do something which would have made us vulnerable to attack; if we could do without sleep we would have evolved that way. Sleep is essential to our physical and mental well-being.  We need it to repair our bodies, to flush neuro toxins from our brains, to consolidate our memories and to help us work through the emotional conflicts of the previous day; making sense of them.  


Unfortunately, if we are carrying about too much stress, our brains cannot deal with it all in a night and rather than over doing it (REM sleep uses a lot of energy) we are woken up; often feeling pretty miserable.  If our brain decides not to wake us but instead tries to tackle this accumulation of stress (using up vast amounts of energy) we can wake up feeling exhausted.


If we are not processing all our stress during the night, we can carry on accumulating it day after day; which can lead us into feeling more and more anxious and we can start viewing life through a negative haze.  We stop feeling like ourselves.


Need A Helping Hand?


A course in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be effective help in improving sleep patterns. It can help you to reduce your anxiety levels and let go of stress.  Improvements are generally noticed after just a couple of sessions.  You will be asked to listen to a relaxation CD every night before you go to sleep, to reinforce treatment sessions.


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